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"The package came today. I love it! Such a clever design - so much better for the floss than those little cards. Thank you so much!"

" Congratulations on your success with such a useful, adorable floss kit!!"

" I received my Floss Inn the other day and was thrilled to see the package!!  I love it, the yoga animals make me laugh!  I didn’t realize it had a spot for my needles and scissors! 
Love it!!!"

" My Floss Inn has arrived, quicker than anticipated as I am in the UK. I am delighted with it, thank you."

"I received my first order this morning (which was really fast!) and I'm so blown away by the whole idea of the system, the presentation and your workmanship!  Which is why I've placed this second order and I'll definitely be ordering more in the future.

Thank you so, so much for your help.
And for your amazing service."

" Bought second one! Happy my plain is to kit my 2 different projects. Now when I travel FLOSS INN will set on my lap all my floss will be there and don’t have to fiddle with my bobbins. Thank u again Julie Rodgers. Highly recommended "

About Me

Just Julie


As of the beginning of this venture, it is only me, Julie. I live very rurally in the high desert of NM and the products you see are my design/idea and are made by me on my simple sewing machine! 

What is it?


The Floss Inn is a product for organizing your needlework projects in a way that makes threads very accessible without the worry of a threaded mess. My own threaded mess was the inspiration for this idea! Needlepoint, Cross stitch, embroidery! And, it is fun to use!!

My Goal as a Provider of Goods...Mission Statement?

Satisfaction of My Customers


I aim to please and provide a good product. Each product is one of a kind because I make them. I never claim to offer perfection, but do claim to offer a product that is pleasing and works! If, for any reason, you are not happy I will replace a product. When I am ahead of the game I will offer refunds if needed. I will always repair anything necessary, at my cost. Some things are beyond my control but, again, I will always fix what I can and seriously aim to please! 


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