NM Christmas Ornament


the floss


the pattern

Email me if you want the pdf of my ornament, for free! 

Halloween cross stitch patterns (click on pics to the link)

2 images

A couple images I am offering up for free, designed by me many years ago!!!

2 of 6 images I designed many many moons ago. 

A ghost!


another image! 

couple more


only missing a pumpkin with cats in the center. Bear with me while I get a better layout, and links with charts. 


Sew wrist band.

Put the fabric pieces, right sides together, and put the flannel on top of them. Stitch 3 sides, leaving an end open. Clip corners that were sewn. 


Turn right side out

You will then turn it right side out, iron if desired, turning under other end and stitching closed. My picture here has stitching from velcro down so disregard. I forgot to get a pic right after stitching that end down. 


Sew down strap

This was a step I did in the wrong order so I did not get pics. You will center the strap onto the right side of one of your squares. Make sure you leave enough room for seam allowance you will need when sewing the embroidered piece (or fabric) onto that square. Maybe stitch 1 inch away from edge of square. I had already sewn on my embroidered piece before sewing the strap down! oops. You could also opt to hand sew your strap onto your pincushion when it was all put together and stuffed. In the picture I give you here you can see how much room I left around the strap. 


Marking and pinning

If you sewed your wrist band down, fold it in and away from edges!

I marked my side embroidered piece with a quilt marker. I folded it in half, then half again, and marked the fold lines. There will be 4, one for each corner. 


Pinning and sewing the square to embroidered piece

I pinned the corners, at marks, first. I then put a pin in the center of each side of the square, pinning my embroidered piece in place. Here you can see how it was sewn. I did not go for perfection! It is folksy and whimsical. I opted to leave half of one side open on the bottom square. You could leave an opening on the top piece if you want. Just make sure you do leave an opening so you can turn inside out!

Sew the bottom square, then sew the top square the same way, marking and pinning. 

You can see my embroidered piece does not come right to the corners. I do not mind that. If I wanted the corners to really meet crisply my square would be smaller. 


Turn right side out

Find your opening and pull it through, turning it right side out. You will then stuff it with whatever you want and then slipstitch the opening closed. I used polyfil batting that I had. I have read crushed walnut shells are good, but I had none of those! 



I decided to stuff my pin cushion first so that I knew where it fit on my wrist, and so I did not find out, too late, that it was too tight or loose once it was stuffed. Make sure you put one side of the velcro on the end of one side, underneath. then fit to wrist and put the other side of velcro on top part of fabric on other end....Hope pic makes that clear! 


Another picture

another picture of velcro placement


All done!

I am excited to use it! I hope you like it! And, if anyone really needs a similar pattern to embroider I can sketch one up and put it as a download here. Just let me know! 


Another pic

Have Fun!


And another


One more!