About the Product(s)

Using The Floss Inn organizers


This is a tentative description till I can get better pictures. 

These project organizers have pockets, plastic pockets, with reinforced holes in them. You receive bobbins that you will wind the floss onto (video coming). You will then take a large eyed needle, or a small skinny crochet hook, to take the end of the floss into and through the hole. 



You can use a large eyed needle, or a skinny crochet hook and thread floss through hole. Then pop that bobbin in it's pocket! 

Using floss


you can adjust the bobbin so that about an inch or so of floss is out of the hole. When you pull on floss the bobbin will unwind and then just cut, leaving about an inch sticking out. 

Winding Bobbins

Bobbin 1


I begin wrapping around the inside of the bobbin, building up on either side so as not to get the floss "jammed" at the ends which can lead to uneven unwinding of bobbin. 

A bit further along


Another picture a little further along. 

Fully Wound


Towards the end I build up in the middle of the bobbin. This is one skein of floss.